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You are a project saver, a life saver and a sanity saver. As the creative director for a busy media services company with deadlines always looming, I can not afford to have one of my PCs go down for any reason. READ MORE


I just want you to know that I have the highest praise for you for what you have accomplished with my computer. READ MORE


I thought I was going to have to get a new computer because mine was running so slow. Your PC Hero examined my computer and found that there were over 70 spy softwares. READ MORE


Rocketed from the dying planet Microsoft, I landed in the small town of Wozville where I was raised by a kind immigrant couple.

Afraid that my powers may cause me to leave their small world, they told me a tale of being born in Brooklyn, and was told to live my life like everyone else….to fit in. But deep down I knew something wasn’t right.

But I tried, doing every job you can think of i.e. warehouse fork lift operator, retail sales and management, waiter/bartender, gym teacher, gigolo and many other jobs. Ok not gigolo but the rest is true and they were exactly how I described them. JOBS.

After some bad detours, I learned of my true origins and found out, finally, that a life not spent doing what you love is a life not spent well. I have not looked back since.


If you are a Tampa Resident and need onsite service, please call us at the following number:


813-44 HERO 3

Or email us by


If you are not a Tampa Bay resident, you will be glad to know that Your PC Hero is no longer limited by geography.

If you know anyone who needs their computer optimized, cleaned of all viruses and malware or just checked thoroughly, this can be done remotely with a simple three step process.

Direct them to the following web site and have them download and install the software. They do not even have to open an account!


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