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Registry shmegistry, just set my computer the way it’s supposed to be. Is this how you feel? You’re not alone.

Let Your PC Hero handle this geek stuff for you and ensure that your computer is set to run the best way possible.

We will Improve Your PC’s Performance by doing the following:

  • Installing Critical Updates from Microsoft
  • Tweak Your Settings To Optimize Performance
  • Clean Up Unwanted Startup Programs (making sure only the stuff you need runs when your computer starts and other goodies)
  • Stop Messenger Spam (pop-ups that come on your computer, whether you are looking on the internet or not)
  • Clean out Temporary Files (stuff you no longer need that’s hogging up space)
  • Defrag your disc (think of it as Liquid Plummer for your PC, unclogging it)
  • Install more memory, if your computer allows it. This will enable your PC to have more strength to do things such as have more programs open at once. – Memory purchase is additional.

What Your Typical Geek Charges and YOU Drop It Off – $75.00

What we charge with free pick up and delivery – $55.00

*Software and hardware purchases, are additional.