Tampa's Finest Computer Service Company


If you are a Tampa Resident and need onsite service, please call us at the following number:


813-44 HERO 3

Or email us by


If you are not a Tampa Bay resident, you will be glad to know that Your PC Hero is no longer limited by geography.

If you know anyone who needs their computer optimized, cleaned of all viruses and malware or just checked thoroughly, this can be done remotely with a simple three step process.

Direct them to the following web site and have them download and install the software. They do not even have to open an account!


Once installed on their computer, have them call us at the following number:


While on the phone with me, they just run the CrossLoop software and give us the one-time access code over the phone, which allows us to connect and fix their pc remotely.
It’s as simple as that! So if you know anyone with computer issues, no matter where they are in the world, Your PC Hero can now come to their rescue.